Finding Aids

Although we are actively digitizing parts of our collection, the vast majority of materials at the Charlemont Historical Society are not available online at this time. That said, we know many of the letters, brochures, booklets, business log books, association notebooks, and other off-line materials in our collection would be of interest to researchers, if they knew that these items were here. To help researchers locate these resources, we are starting to produce finding aids, documents that give a broad overview of the items in our collection. 

The finding aids we have prepared so far are listed below. New finding aids will be added on a rolling basis. Please check back regularly or join our email list for updates. If you see something of interest to you in one of the finding aids listed below, please contact us for more information.


Finding Aids

East Charlemont Church Collection – Reverend Lyman Whiting Papers Finding Aid

Deerfield Valley Agricultural Society Finding Aid

Mabel Tower Estate Photograph Collection Finding Aid