Focus on textiles


Detail from a quilting bee quilt in the Charlemont Historical Society collection. Some of the quilt blocks have handwritten information about the women who made the quilt, including their names, the towns where they lived, and dates.


The Charlemont Historical Society currently is focusing on the theme of textiles. To that end, we are working on:

  • proper care for and display of the textiles in our collection;
  • hosting a public talk by Marla Miller, author of Betsy Ross and the Making of America on Flag Day, Tuesday, June 14
  • making information about, and photographs of, our textile collection available online;
  • organizing a community quilting bee to create a new quilt for the Historical Society’s collection.

We are participating in Valley Gives Day Tuesday, May 3 – to help raise funds for these projects. Please consider making a gift to the Charlemont Historical Society for Valley Gives on Tuesday, May 3. Thank you!

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